Wedding Policy

THE WEDDING POLICY                                                                            

Applegate Community Church
18960 N. Applegate Rd.
Grants Pass, OR 97527
Ph: 541-846-6100
Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!  To assist you in your plans we have prepared this Policy with guidelines established at this church regarding its use for weddings.  It has been our experience that when the details of the wedding are carefully planned, the result is a happy and memorable occasion.  We want to ensure that we have a common understanding of the policies and procedures that govern the relationship between the church and its staff and the bridal party and their guests.  Your marriage service should be an act of worship in which the wedding party and the guests participate together.  An honest, sincere and reverent attitude is expected from all who take part in our church facility.  Please schedule a meeting with the church Wedding Committee to go over each paragraph of this Policy.
The Church Policy
  1. Our Statement of Faith: We believe that God created and sanctioned marriage to bring together men and women, complimentary halves of humanity, in “one-flesh” unions for life (Gen 2:18-25). Marriage is to be between one man and one woman only, which is the unique reflection of Christ’s relationship to His Church (Eph 5:21-33). Only those who agree with this Statement of Faith may be married at this facility.
  2. Only members and attendees and their children who know and love Christ as their Lord and Savior may be married in our church. A member is one who has applied for membership and has been approved for membership by the Board of Elders.  An attendee is one who has attended Applegate Community Church faithfully for, at least, three months.
  3. When you have chosen a wedding date, it must be confirmed by the Pastor and the church calendar as soon as possible.
  4. It is required that those choosing to be married in our church, by our Pastor, meet with the Pastor for pre-marital counseling.  The number of sessions is variable, with the final determination left to the Pastor. 
  5. The Pastor’s permission or the Elder Board in his absence is required in order for another minister to officiate weddings in our church.
  6. The charge to be married in our church is as follows:
  1. Members will not be charged any fee at all;
  2. attendees will be charged $50.00;
  3. residents of the immediate community $150.00 and
  4. all others $200.00. 
These fees will be paid to the Wedding Committee at the above stated meeting for those who are not members.
  1. Information withheld from the Pastor or given with the intent to deceive shall constitute grounds for revoking any previous understandings or agreements with the church and the Pastor.
The Church Building and Equipment
  1. The church sanctuary will seat approximately 250 people.  Use of the church sound system is required because of the size of the sanctuary.
  2. The Fireplace Room accommodates approximately 75 people standing and can seat approximately 50 people at long tables.  The Multi-Purpose room accommodates 250 people standing and will seat approximately 200 people at long tables and round tables.  This room also has a furnace, no air conditioning, and a sound system.  There are 29 round tables and white plastic cloths for them.  There are 29 long brown tables.  There are enough chairs for all tables.
  3. Dressing rooms and bathrooms are available for the wedding.
The Church Wedding Committee
  1. If the bridal party has hired a professional wedding coordinator the church Wedding Committee will work closely with him/her if desired.  If not, the church Wedding Committee is available to help and assist in any way that they can.  They will meet with the bridal party to learn their wishes and plans concerning the ceremony, assist with the rehearsal as well as give direction and coordinate all wedding activities in the following categories:
            Wedding etiquette
            Keep all candles in the refrigerator until placed to keep them from dripping
            Assist with floral and music arrangements, if needed
            Arrange the guest book podium
            Discuss wedding gift placement
            Assist with the reception if needed
  1. A kitchen staff of friends and/or relatives should be engaged by the bridal party and should be instructed to provide the following services:
             Set-up cake table
             Make coffee, tea and punch (pale yellow or pink only)
             Keep punch bowl filled, nut and candy bowls filled.
             Prepare and serve all the food
             Help those who have been asked to serve whenever needed
             Clean up the kitchen, rooms used, and the sanctuary making sure that
             all items below are okayed by the Wedding Committee.
             Checking to see that furniture, easels, flags, pulpit, chairs and tables are
             returned to their proper places.  That all carpets are vacuumed and kitchen
             floor are cleaned.  All dishes, silver, trays, coffee pots and carafes are
             washed and put away.  All candles, bows and decorations removed.  Flowers
             can be left for Sunday Worship service if the bridal party wishes.  The white
             plastic cloths must be wiped clean, allowed to dry, folded and put away.  If
             the church’s pastel over-cloths are used, they must be spotted, laundered and          
             ironed and returned to the church.  Garbage must be taken out to the
             dumpster behind the church.  Anything that is broken or damaged will be
             repaired to its former condition or replaced by the bridal party.  The outside
             sidewalks and parking lot shall be free of any and all debris such as paper,
             ribbons, birdseed, flowers, napkins, cups, etc.
The Wedding Ceremony
a.Rehearsal – The Pastor and members of the Wedding Committee, if needed
will conduct the rehearsal.  The rehearsal shall not be conducted on the day of
the wedding.  With full cooperation of the bridal party, it is anticipated that the rehearsal should not last more than 1 ½ hours.  It is expected that all members of the wedding party, including parents who are to be ushered to theirs seats will attend the rehearsal.  All musicians and vocalists should attend also.
b.Wedding Day – Everyone in the bridal party should arrive at the church at least 2 hours before the service is to begin.  It is suggested that the bride and her attendants arrive earlier.
c.Music – The selection of musicians and vocalists are to be chosen by the bride or groom. Check with your musicians as to what financial expectations, if any, they have.  The church pianist may be available.
d.Wedding Pictures – The Pastor should be consulted as to the time the photographs are to be taken.  The church policy is that one person with a video camera can be at the front of the church conducting himself very quietly, and
       a photographer at the back of the church.  Other photography is discourgaged.
e.Decorations – No nails, wire, etc., may be used on the church furnishings.
Please check with members of the Wedding Committee about moving church
furnishings around.  Candelabras and flower baskets are available at the
church.  The church also has a kneeling pillow and unity candelabra if needed.  If wood furnishings belonging to the church are used, a plastic cover underneath lace cloths is required if candles are to be used.  The time for
decorating the church should be scheduled through the Wedding Committee.
f.Guests – The bridal party are responsible for the conduct of their guests.  Please supervise children at all times.  Alcoholic beverages or drugs will not be permitted on the church premises at any time.  No beverage containing any
alcohol will be allowed. No smoking is allowed inside any of the church buildings.  Your guests should be so advised and a reminder at the rehearsal, if necessary would be helpful.  The use of rice is not permitted and the use of birdseed should be limited to the parking lot only.
The Wedding Reception
a.If the reception is to be held in the church facility the arrangements should be
made at the same time the wedding ceremony plans are made.  Details of the reception should be discussed with the Wedding Committee as outlined previously.
b.Those who have been chosen by the bridal party to serve should report to the
person in charge of the reception immediately following the ceremony.  They should not go through the reception line so that they may be in their places to serve.
c.The following items are available to use:  84 cup coffee maker, 75 cup coffee
maker, 22 coffee carafes, 25 water pitchers, sugar and cream sets.  The bridal party shall furnish their own paper plates, cups, plastic flatware, coffee, cream, sugar and garbage bags.  It is suggested that caterers arrive at least 2-3 hours before the ceremony.
The Wedding License
a.All copies of the marriage license must be hand delivered to the Pastor at the
time of the wedding rehearsal.
b.Immediately after the ceremony the bride and groom and the maid of honor
and best man should go to the church office with the Pastor (if the pastor solemnizes the wedding vows), where the Marriage Certificate will be signed and mailed to the county Clerk/Recorder where the license was issued.  One additional copy will also be made and kept on file in the church office.
*The board of elders or their official designee must approve all uses of church facilities. Generally, priority shall be given to church members, their immediate families, and organized groups that are part of the ministry, organization, or sponsored activities of the church.